Keep it wild !

Exhibition, pavilion E

Patricia de Solages presents 



As a Francomexican artist/photographer, she arrived in Europe in 1997, and tells the stories of our planet’s generous yet fragile nature throughout her pictures. After traveling to Iceland and Greenland, a series entitled “keep it wild” took shape. Patricia de Solages decided to print them out on survival blankets, because besides the magnificent, the poetry and the force that emanates from each picture, she wished to express through prints on this material, the urgency she feels, with once again the need to show the fragile nature and to save the sea and the glaciers.

As part of her exhibition at Art Élysées,Patricia de Solages has decided to donate a share of the profits from the sale of her photo exhibition "Keep it Wild" to Epic.

Founded in 2014 by the serial entrepreneur and engaged philanthropist Alexandre Mars, Epic is a nonprofit startup, headquartered in New York City with offices in Bangkok, Brussels, London.

Epic’s goal is to amplify the people's and company’s potential in making a difference through giving.

Thanks to this engagement along with Epic, Patricia de Solages is able to combine her art, time and energy with her passion to reveal the challenges of the planet for which we must fight.

Série  "Keep it Wild !", 2016
Photographic print on survival blanket