Exhibition pavilion E

Kongo presents


Urban artist above all, he is part of the first generation of Parisian graffiti artists. Committed and inclusive, he contributed largely to defend graffiti as a unique art form. As years passed by, his art evolved bringing graffiti to a whole new level.

A visionary artist, Kongo is known for his works at the crossroads between urban art and traditional know-how. For example he crafted a silk Hermès carré using his own codes. He also borrows techniques, by working with great masters such as the leather manufacturer Pinel & Pinel, the Daum crystal business or Richard Mille the watchmaker. He also transformed the plane “Nord1000” at the Fondation Saint Exupéry’s demand. Thanks to the Saint-Exupéry Foundation, Kongo and the Association for the Caudron-Simoun Rebirth, had the opportunity to work together. Even though their particular fields of interest are quite different, they immediately saw what connected them : a deep love for adventure, creating bridges between people and an intense passion for savoir-faire.


Then the Association invited the artist to highlight the values they share through a tribute to the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. So Kongo ended up painting a Nord1000 aircraft. This German airplane which is now a contemporary piece of art is historically, as well as symbolically of special importance. Indeed it was built in 1942 under German occupation; its motor and equipment are presently used as bench test to restore the Caudron-Simoun which was flown by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry when he tried to break the Paris-Saigon record and crashed in the desert of Libya. This accident gave birth to the masterpiece « le Petit Prince ».


The North 1000 by Kongo emphasizes the author’s life, we can read all over it the different titles of Saint-Exupery’s books. Those lines painted by an artist who based his life on calligraphy tell the story of an author whose philosophy is now more accurate than ever.

The artist wished to exhibit this work on Art Elysées with the aim of offering a promising vision of adventure and poetry. In a world where we believe we know everything and where we have access to a multitude of images and information, at our very fingertips, Kongo invites us to explore our own culture by connecting his world to another, just like Antoine de Saint Exupery before him.