At Down Gallery hosts individual or collective exhibitions of artists from graffiti culture. It presents confirmed artists of the discipline and also new artists with a strong graphic personality. With 20 years of activism in Graffiti culture, the gallery team is a link between interesting artists and an increasingly interested public.

For Art Élysées, the gallery presents a personal exhibition John “CRASH” Matos in the presence of the artist! A Bronx child, born in 1961, John Crash Matos took part in the Graf movement? Ti from a very young age. As he met Keith Haring and others, Crash had great artistic ambitions, but most of all, his style was fascinated by comics, pop art and comic books. Crash treats color in an explosive way and blossoms in compositions saturated with undeniable energy. Since 1980, his studio work has been exhibited in galleries and in museum collections around the world. Pioneer of the Graf movement? Ti old-school, Crash contributes greatly to the recognition of these artistic forms in an art history.
He will present a new series that projects the ultimate and spontaneous expression of a pure soul, obsessed with letters, without ever failing to comply with a plastic requirement or the precepts inherent in this urban practice: dynamism, authenticity and above all without limits. A true living legend of graffiti, Crash proposes here a demonstration of his mastery of letters through a brand new production on canvas . In disputes of colour and form, Crash amuses himself with our senses and brings us back with sincerity to the very essence of movement.


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John CRASH Matos


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