Founded in 2012, the Openspace Gallery has been installed since the end of 2015 in a 240 m2 space located between Bastille and République. It is now equipped with a space composed of four rooms spread over three levels, offering a path of visit, breaking with the traditional model of the white cube.
The couple Nicolas chenus and Samantha Longhi, founder and director of the magazine Graffiti Art between 2008 and 2017, have been working for many years to develop contemporary urban art. The Openspace Gallery pursues this mission and supports emerging and established artists on the world stage that it represents and accompanies over time.
By organising exhibitions that mark the spirits of both the quality of the works presented and their scenography, the collectors are given the opportunity to participate in moments of joy and artistic discovery.


116, boulevard Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris - France


Direction | Manager:
Nicolas Chenus ou Samantha Longhi

+ 33 (0)9 80 66 63 94

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