8e Avenue, the new essential event during the week of October dedicated to Art in Paris.

This young art show is set opposite the Art Élysées - Art & Design fair which in 2018 will celebrate its 12th anniversary. The Art Élysées - Art & Design organizers offer through 8e Avenue a new section open to present-day contemporary art, including urban art. As an ideal place for cultural and economic exchanges, 8e Avenue is an ambitious event supported with enthusiasm and determination by an Artistic Committee, composed of professionals, which was initiated in order to guarantee a high quality selection.

Therefore the 8e Avenue show composes a fourth pavilion that conveys synergy and offers visitors of both events a large artistic range dating from the 20th till 21st century. Each of the four pavilions exhibit different art movements and all of them benefit from the same structure: a single aisle. The disposition of the fair ensures an enjoyable perspective for visitors as all the galleries are aligned along the aisle and each of them benefit from the same visibility.  The works on show are hanged in a clear and lively way creating a convivial setting and a pleasant tour.

The next edition of 8e avenue will take place from October 18th till 22nd, 2018.